Adalea Howell

Owning Artist, Art Director

Hello​ and thanks for checking out the studio!

My name is Adalea and I am the owner of The Sandbar Art Studio!

Our studio is made up of a team of artists who strive to create a platform providing artists with resources, networking opportunities and events to further their careers and abilities. Most importantly, to celebrate creativity and art in all of its forms.

"If I could say it with words, there would be no reason to paint."

My "Art History"

       My interest in art was sparked at a young age, studying underneath my grandfather who was a professional artist.  As a child entering into various art programs and competitions until I was finally enrolled into The Woodlands Academy of Art, where I discovered my love for acrylics and was taught to paint.

      After falling in love with the way acrylic paints, dries, blends (oooooh the blending!) and the limitless pigments, it has been my go-to medium. I soon became an Art Major to broaden my studies of art old and new. Since then I have created pieces for people across the world and have met the most extraordinary people through the art community. I draw my inspiration for my pieces from the human figure, different cultures and time periods from around the world, my favorites are ancient Greece, Irish Folklore and old Hollywood.

     When I am not creating, I am a teacher, working on my therapy license to offer official Art Therapy classes at The Sandbar Art studio. 

Feel free to send an email or a chat through the website if you have any questions, requests or even just to say hi!

Thank you for supporting The Sandbar Art Studio!

Edward Hopper