Kelly Jordan

Assistant Art Director

 Online Store Manager

Kelly, with years of customer service, management and art experience, is our newest team member and we're so excited to have her! She will be assisting in managing our online store, being a direct connection to our artists and all event planning. 

Shoot her an email and say hi or leave a message for her in our QuickChat!

Kellys' Art History

"The love I have for art started at a young age. I grew up in a small community located in the mountains of Northern California. I was constantly painting on my walls, redesigning my home, and coloring in any white pair of shoes I could find. I soon dove head first, enrolling into local art lessons and having my work displayed at local fairs. The beautiful pine trees, and sloping hillside landscape served as an accidental muse for my art. I loved experimenting with colors and constantly pushing myself to try new styles. I eventually honed in on my creative and spiritual side, connecting with the folklore side of my California community and bringing it alive through my art.

 My mother was also an artist who was an art docent for my class up until later years. She focused primarily on pieces by Vincent Van Gogh. “Starry Night” was one piece we would practice together. I admired Van Gogh's freedom in his paintings. He, like myself, prefers sketching to capture his image first and then begin his paintings. My mother had me study different artists but Van Gogh's work always stood out to me simply because even before he gave his sketches color they could be admired for their beauty. This instilled in me a deep respect for all art forms and great appreciation of the creativity involved. 

When i'm not sketching or painting you'll find me working! I am a full time manager, and love every second of it. I have the opportunity to meet so many people and learn things from all over the globe. Many customers of mine are artists themselves. They travel all over the world and send me pictures that I get to paint! 

Overall, I am so grateful for the opportunities the art community has given me and all of the beautiful people I have met because of it. Art is subjective, which means anyone in this world can be an artist if they choose, which is what I love about it. Art has no gender, age, race, or religion. All you need to be an artist is a pen/pencil/brush and an idea! "