A rare talent and wonderful partnering artist, meet Koko. Read his story below.

Koko Arts

Kevork Festkjian, Canada

Koko's Story

   On my passport my name is Kevork Festkjian, in real life they call me Koko. I am 69 years old, born in Aleppo Syria from Armenian family. Landed in Montreal Canada in April 1977 and never went back. Married in 1981 and have a son.

Art Experience:   

Started embroidery programing business in 1987 until 2009, in 2009 started developing and  construction condominium until the end of 2013 in Montreal then retired from business.
    Started painting in visual art at age 12 learned by watching my father and self learning continued always on the side.
 I have drawn with charcoal hundreds of portraits back then to people known and unknown and I have none kept for me and oil painting too except 2 my first painting when I was 12 years old and 3 of them which was painted in Montreal between 1977 and 1982, but I was drawing for embroidery programing designs since I landed in Montreal probably more then 100,000.00 thousands designs.
   Since 1982 I haven't painted nor drawn portraits until Dec. 2018 when I decided to attend visual art school in downtown Montreal  called " Atelier De Bresoles " where I learned the historical technics of drawing and historical technics of oil painting 2 month each and that's where I got posseted for pencil drawing and since then I had about 50 real people drawings up to date and I can't stop.

Note: I draw with 2 penciles only HB and 2B pencils and eraser, no blending stump no brush, every black pixel is pencil struck.



Oil Paintings